U9 Shield PS (Tuesday)

U9 Shield PS (Tuesday)

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Goalies cannot move around the crease without strong mobility and skating skills. Skating is the most critical aspect of goaltending. The Shield Power Skating (PS) program will cover proper movements, skating techniques and edgework to help goalies become stronger skaters.

The main focus area will be on Pre-Save and Post-Save skating habits for goalies to feel comfortable on their feet, to improve their ability to set up to the puck with good positioning and following the puck with proper technique and strategy.

Time: Tuesdays, @6:00pm at the Capital Hyundai Arena

Date: September 14th to December 21st, 2021 (16 Sessions)

Size of group: max 5 goaltenders with a minimum of 2 goalie coaches on the ice

Benefits of Power Skating

  • Be in a positive environment
  • Become a strong skater
  • Master movement techniques
  • Develop good muscle memory and body control
  • Creative and fun skating
  • Get shots from players

Layout of Power Skating Sessions
Shield goaltenders will spend 30 minutes of the practice working together on Goalie-Specific Skating and Edgework. For the remainder of the session, goaltenders will get shots from players and will receive direct feedback from goalie instructors.

Why Power Skating is important:
Power Skating is a fundamental skill for goaltenders. Learning to be an excellent skater will help young goaltenders succeed and excel at early ages and give them the tools needed to build up to more advanced movements in the net.

Please contact us with questions or for more details at info@shieldgoaltending.com