U18 - Goalie Sessions
U18 - Goalie Sessions
U18 - Goalie Sessions
U18 - Goalie Sessions

U18 - Goalie Sessions

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The purpose of goalie sessions for U18 goaltenders is to improve their style and work on the small details of their game. This group will face drills with numerous player options as well as elite shooters to ensure they are challenged by every shot and that they are able to maximize their potential.

The main focus for the U18 group will be on specific areas that each individual goalie needs to improve. Sessions will be high intensity, and everyone will be treated as an elite goaltender. We want our goaltenders to have a growth mindset and be interested in getting better at every practice. We will also work on adding additional tools (saves) in their toolbox so that they can succeed on any level of play.

Sessions will also cover many more themes as the goaltending position is constantly evolving.


Location: in Capital Hyundai Arena

Date: email to info@shieldgoaltending.com

Size of group: max 8 goaltenders with minimum of 4 goalie coaches on the ice and one video coach. - Additional shooters if required for drills.


Benefits of the goalie program

  • Learn how to become an elite goaltender
  • Main Focus Areas: Small details, High intensity, Repetition
  • Be in a positive goalie environment
  • Instructor-to-goalie ratio (1 instructor per 2 goalies)
  • Experienced goalie instructors
  • Each station has its own goalie instructor for direct feedback
  • Video coach and video feedback
  • Make up sessions


We are aware that it can be challenging to attend every single goalie session. Therefore, we offer up to two (2) make up sessions. If you have to miss a goalie session, please contact us at least 24 hours before the goalie session and we will arrange a make-up session in the following weeks.

Please contact us with questions or for more details at info@shieldgoaltending.com

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